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Why are you giving this ass so much power from chick-filet? I'm fine with gay marriage and I'm fine with with what this ass says. He is one dude, just happens to run a major company big fuckin deal. Don't give this any more 'juice' than anyother asshole's opinion. He is one bigoted dude, I'm sure the gay culture has to bigger things to address than this one asshole opinion. Let him say what he wants big fuckin deal. Remember what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Choose your fight, in case you haven't noticed you the gays seem to be winning, every day more states are letting gays get married. It's a process you win your rights a bit at a time and remember the blacks are still working on total equality and what's it been 40 years!!! Gay marriage is what 2 years old!!! Give it a chance
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