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This was such a great episode! Had my full attention the whole way. I was completely with McNally up until the rant again about how the US wants the rest of the world to feel sorry for us for our recession. I thought the whole world was in this recession. If the US is out there trying to get sympathy, it's not the real people who are struggling to get employment, are losing their houses, can't pay their medical expenses, or student loans. It's the media, politiicians, and the 1%. Real people don't have time for it.

Also, I'm not challenging the fact the idea that McNally's mother's family was poor. I've been to Campobello Island and the people don't have a high standard of living. It's remote, but who says not having a McDonalds is anything bad. It's a blessing. Anyway, there are no places in Canada that are as poor as the poorest places in the US. There are at least 8 counties in South Dakota (where Indian reservations are) that have per capita incomes under $5000. This is a full $6000 less than the poorest communities in Canada. Also, if you've ever been to any of the border towns in Texas, there's poverty thats worse than anything you can believe would actually happen in this country. It's unbelievable.

Kyle was the shining star in this episode. The advice he gave McNally was right on. His attitude about his horrible money situation is great. I feel like we should put together a sandwich fund for Kyle.

I'm glad My Name is Keith is back. Great job!

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