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Just saying this was one of the funniest and most awesome things I've listened to ever. Having listened to all McNally's awesome rants over the years I was still surprised at parts. There was so much on this episode he had never gone into. Can't wait for the next part.

I think everyone has their point of view and people who don't agree with another's point of view confuse me when they get angry. I know my worldview is shaped by all the amazing, cool and shitty things I've seen in my life and will see. Point is if someone doesn't see it your way sure try explain your point of view sure, but many folks just aint gonna geddit. So what! Maybe someday they will, maybe they won't. Probably doesn't effect me. Also I always know, from how much my worldview has changed, whatever I think now could be wrong.
This goes for McNally and all the people who disagree with him.

Also Kudos to McNally for putting up so much resistance to Keith's "techniques". Keith was so relentless even his security had second thoughts As an audience member though I'm very happy with the result. Thank goodness he (McNally) can be rational about it now I'm sure and realize he just got a little drunk and lost his temper for a bit.

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