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As someone who currently lives on the east coast of Canada I feel I need to say Keith is exaggerating when he says the entire eastern Canada is poor.

There are certainly very poor areas of eastern Canada, especially New Brunswick but there are also rich areas as well (mostly bigger cities). I live in Halifax for the last 8 years and for almost all that time there were more jobs in this city than people to fill them, even during the lowest part of the recession. I've honestly barely felt the recession living here compared to many other areas of Canada and the US.

I can remember seeing signs offering up to $500 for people who accept a job at certain places and Subway specifically was offering $50 for people to just show up to an interview. Now i would say at least 50% of the fast food jobs in this city are filled with workers who are literally shipped in from the Philippines because almost everyone in the city has a better job.

This of course isn't the way the entire region is but I wanted share that there are areas on both ends of the poor-rich spectrum in eastern Canada and many have seen ups and downs over the years.
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