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Facepalm time

Hearing the show clip was unpleasant one time. A second time was painful.
Never really thought positive or negative about McNally;
& Probably will go back to not thinking about it after this post.

Keith "Negative" McNancy,
Drunk or sober
Should really shut the fuck up or go home to his fabulous Canada

You could say "omg, we just found the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow... isn't that great, McNally?"
I'm certain he would find some kind of response about it, like:
"I once found a pot of gold under a Canadian double rainbow.
It was full of ketchup chips, maple syrup and hockey sticks.
You know, all the stuff that's better than America.
I still have to ask my mom for money, tho---
Cause you don't understand what it's like to NOT have a pot of gold or gold metals!! Fuck you!"

For whatever sake; put a fucking smile on and enjoy life for what it is, McFart.
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