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Originally Posted by BrianAlt View Post
I've been to Halifax, NS and St. John, NB. While it's obvious that these areas are a bit depressed, they are in no way very poor. I'm sure some of the surrounding areas are poorer and very depressed, but I'm also sure that some people that live in these rural areas are there specifically because it's the type of life they want to live. McNally would be well served to live in these areas with his 1k/month rather than in Toronto.
Agreed. What struck me as weird was his take on Maine. I have only been there once, so by no means am I an expert. However, I did get the feel that it had that East Coast old money touch. Maybe I was in the wrong area perhaps, but I ironically I did meet someone today from Maine. This person who until he enlisted into the Marines after 9-11 was a fisherman in Maine and comes from a long generation of fisherman. He kept using a special term word to describe the area, forgive me to native Maine people. I did bring up that someone said that poor people only used to eat lobster. He said that was correct. However, McNally got it wrong. It was a pest food because there was so much of it during the Native American times up until the Civil War. It was until transportation became fluent that lobster became over trapped that it became a delicacy. This seems to be all dated around the early 1900's. He said it was doubtful that anyone, even fisherman were eating lobster when poor for at least the last couple generations. I did some research on the web because it made me curious, and it lines up.
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