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Originally Posted by Rommorwen View Post
Chemda did a good job with this episode. At first the guest seemed a little bit closed, like he didn't want to talk about certain things, but Chemda seemed to ask the right questions to open him up in a nice and interesting way. Love the What's My Name Show!
To me it seemed like Jeff had an idea in his head of the best way to tell his story but the way Chemda was proceeding, jumping to the end at the start like one of those movies Keith hates, wasn't jiving with that, so Jeff reset the conversation a couple of times for it to play out right. It wasn't that he was hiding things per se, it was that the reveals should come near the end of a story, not the beginning, and he was working to that.

In fact near the end of the episode he even says he's been studying storytelling or something and it immediately clicked for me why he'd seemed so determined to lay it out in a predetermined narrative. And it worked. Many inteviews, like documentaries, work best when there is that sense of narrative to them.
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