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Originally Posted by XrabbitX View Post
I'm Gnostic Christian and....
I have done very little research on the subject but what little I did do, many years ago. In relation to the Apocrypha and reasons why said books were removed; the main reason SEEMS to point to your religion. It's been some time since I read the bible but I've gotten better at recalling more of it as Christians become more vocal in my community. Admittedly, I'm agnostic but I love learning and reading about various religions specifically ancients and little known faiths (Sumerian=awesome). Anyways! I was gonna call out my boy, but I got side tracked with PSN games/demos, lol...I support Mr.FOD and will be donating some money to him VERY soon for some of his cds (christ he has 6?!). But he is off on his point of view on the subject, I was thinking he may have formed the idea on a sort of miss-mash of ideals. Like mixing some people together for whatever reason. Dunno. Sorry for gushing, not to be a douche but I really wanna pry your brain now lol. I do have one question for you on Gnosticism...Is there a greek mythos influence by any means? I may be mistaking it with someone else. Just saying. Oh yea, uhh, if this is too off topic through PM is fine too.
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