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McNally seems to relish this masturbatory belief that because he was raised with some sense of thrift that it makes his experience better than anyone elses (subtext of which is 'especially those no good free wheeling debt loving Americans'). My problem with this comes from his own reliance on his parents to survive while looking down on anyone who might have found themselves in less than great financial status while actually holding down a damn job and contributing to society with more than some art. Not to say artists aren't necessary or great to having contributing in other ways to society, but most of then have sense enough not to sound this douchey while doing so.

First of all. McNally, your Canadian, that's not a put down but a way of saying that the amount of money your parents pay in taxes will not cover the cost that you will at some time in the future, if not already, cost the public when you need health services. The Canadian police, fire and ems services aren't free either but they exist for your protection and also cost money which you are not contributing to in nearly as fair a way as you would if you were employed or otherwise participating in regular commerce in a more frequent and large manner.

Your, staying in NYC and presumbaly using mass transit. The $2.25 per trip that a single ride ticket costs does not come anywhere near to covering the actual costs of maintaining and operating the subway (MTA annual operating budget of $16 billion with only about 45% of that coming from fares). The rest comes from dedicated taxes and state subsidies.

Third, never presume to know you're situation is worse (especially Brolo, you fucking ass) than anyone else's you sound like a petulant child who could use a good ass kicking by his dad, maybe it would knock some sense into you.

McNally, I will only take what you say seriously when you start paying you're own fair share as you are fully capable of, but you have consciously decided to live off the dole and bitch about everyone else instead. Until then quit your 'woe is me, why don't you all realize why I'm better than all you tools' bitching.

You can go Fuck Yourself.
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