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Man, these episodes were good. I was as impressed by Kyle's insight as I was frustrated by McNally's complete dismissal of every point Keith and Kyle tried to make.
McNally, you have always been one of my favorite guests and this interview made me really sad for you. You are wasting so much energy on this bullshit. Even if your family grew up as the poorest people on earth, why does that matter? Even if your brother is THE worst drug addict who ever lived, why does that matter so much to you? Why is it so important to you that everyone think your family's situations are so much worse then anyone else? Does that change YOUR life in any way? Do you win some kind of award for having the most fucked up family? No. It doesn't and you don't. So, let this shit go and move on with your life. Torturing yourself by wallowing in the fact that your family (which you seem to have little to do with anyway) has some problems that you can't do anything about, is getting your nothing but unnecessary guilt and anger. You are very talented. Put all that passion you have for hating America and carrying your mom's past and present burdens into something that you love and will benefit YOU!

That is all
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