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I need to vent on this episode.

First of all, McNally is a spoiled brat. He has the emotions of a child. I think he acts this way because he wasn't given a chance to grow up. His mother is doing him a disservice by sponsoring him and not letting him grow up and be accountable for himself.

Keith/Kyle's suggestion for a group thing like Al-Anon is a great idea. I think it would be so beneficial for McNally to see that he is not the only person in the world who has problems, and people even have the same problems as him. Unfortunately, McNally is not ready to grow up. It seems that something about wallowing in self pity is appealing for McNally's adolescent brain.

I don't think McNally should be excused for his behavior just because of how drunk he was. That's just my opinion.

One more thing. Although Kyle had many valuable insights, repeating the sentiment of "just get over it, stop letting it affect you," is useless after a certain point, but I completely understand that frustration.

I have never felt so strongly about a guest. I can't hate McNally because I don't think it's entirely his fault that he's so fucked up. He's so annoying, but I just feel sorry for him. I really hope that he will decide to work his shit out and come back in a few years and be functional adult.
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