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Just an awesome episode...rolling through part 2 now.

I've always liked McNally - and still do after this episode. I sent him dough when his shit burned up and would probably do it again - but holy balls....

Yes - there was clearly a lot of alcohol involved, and I understand the magnified emotions, but also in vino veritas. Seems like McNally got raw and showed us his internal struggles justifying his vagabond beatnik mooch lifestyle. Somehow it's OK for him to sponge a grand off of mom as an adult because he somehow 'knows what it's like to be poor'. Not just poor but really really poor. Huh?

Probably unfair to bust balls for drunk logic, but it was very entertaining to listen to all the superlatives...McNally's mom was from the POOREST place in North America... I'm sure the folks in Appalachia, Mexico, Guatemala Honduras and HAITI are glad to know that. McNally's brother is the WORST drug addict and so on.

Ultimately, I guess I like that McNally actually says out loud some of the wounded child shit I used to think (I grew up really a desert) but grew out of at about age 20. I never asked for or got a penny from my family - not that they had it - and I don't need to apologize for being well beyond comfortable now. It's amazing what can happen when you leverage that navel-gazing into the energy to actually work hard. A couple of clowns in NY built something incredible from nothing in their extra bedroom.....

Even so - I bet McNally would still be a smart and cool guy to hang out with. worth it.
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