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Originally Posted by picard102 View Post
Ya, I really wish Canada hadn't meddled in the middle east, propped up dictators in several countries, brought the world to the brink over the "Red Scare", and sat back durring World War Two until we were forced into it.
I must of missed the part where your country disagreed with us on anything we did in the cold war, Afghanistan or many of our other actions.
Canada's Role in the Middle East War: The United States Of ... Canada

I don't really feel any need to disparage Canada in general, besides the french-canadian who come to my beaches in speedos, but this whole view of America as the bad guy is just as bad as the percieved American view that the rest of the world doesn't exist. We have made mistakes, no one deny's that, but overall our impact on the world has removed the European expansion, slowed or stopped many of the wars between nations and we give the most foreign aid to developing and impoverished nations. Americans without any Government involvement give more to charity than any other nation.
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The SSgt has it exactly right.
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