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Typicality I like McNally's input about how the rest of the world thinks of America, he knows the points, problem is he doesn't know the reasons. He says things like its hard to live with the great America right beside us. Thats not quite how Canadians feel. Personally, I don't have a huge problem with America, I'm constantly amazed that a country with such a high amount of religious bigoted people can be a first world nation but they are the one exception I guess. I love being a Canadian and wouldn't want to move to the US, the ONE thing the US has better then every other country is entertainment, but we get all their entertainment without having to live in America where they have so many problems. (such as mass murders and overall rudeness.) I'm sure everyone feels this way of the country but we have it the best, we get all the good of America with not alot of the bad.
McNally on the other hand actually sounds jealous of America.
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