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I just heard show 1637 and can't believe McNally is so distraught because of this My Name is Keith Show that he is not going to continue making the KATG documentary. I don't know about all the feedback he was getting, but I can say that the second episode of My Name is Keith really made me feel for McNally. He is a completely sympathetic guy with a lot of feelings. He needs Al Anon coupled with therapy. He isn't a dick at all. He just has things to work through. He feel things acutely which is something I can completely relate to. I grew up with an addict Mom who is now dead because of her addictions. I have 1 brother and 1 sister. We each responded in different ways to all the things that happened to us. I felt things so acutely and felt so responsible that I got seriously depressed. My brother checked out and couldn't handle dealing with anything at all--just withdrew. My younger sister became angry and anger still controls her life.

I wish McNally had stayed ong enough to get to the other side of this because Keith Malley is a great friend to him. Keith expressed his love for his friend in a way that really touched me and made me realize what an amazing and complex human being Keith Malley is. Keith Malley and Kyle were both amazing. I hope Mc Nalley is able to see that and is able to reconnect with them.

These 2 episodes of My Name is Keith have made me a much bigger fan of Keith Malley. He is a quality human being. Mc Nalley is so fortunate...I just hope he eventually sees it.
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