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These two MNIK shows were the hardest to listen to. McNally could on one hand make you feel sorry for the sadness in his life, the addiction and poverty in his family. In the next breath, his complete lack of empathy for anyone else (a la "fuck brolo's brother") broke any kindred feelings there might have been.

His mother grew up poor and he is doing a disservice to her hard work by not making something out of himself. He has the resources and the talent.

His whole family is poor, so so poor, somehow this is twisted to him having an appreciation for the handouts he takes monthly from his mother?

Maybe he could assuage some guilt he surely feels inside if instead of him taking money from someone every month, he could give that money to the people in his family who really need it?

It just made me so mad to listen to... nobody in the history of ever knows how hard it is for him, no one could possibly know the terrors of having an addict in the family like him. He has the worst of everything, no one else could possibly know suffering. It's not a misery-off!

There was so much sadness to listen to, and I think that if McNally felt better about who he was in life by being a productive member of society, he might exorcise some of these demons inside him.

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