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Originally Posted by picard102 View Post
You're right, I should probably have been there to know for sure someone can be killed and then live again, or that some dude made fish a bread appear out of thin air, or that a man can defy physics and walk on water, that fires can talk to people, that one man made a zoo boat and then repopulated the planet shortly thereafter, and that one man, and a woman made from his leftover parts are our ancestors and we're just a product of inbreeding where the complications of such inbreeding is only apparent in the last few centuries.

All these things are so up in the air as to if they could happen in reality or not?

And as Stu (I believe) has already noted way earlier in the thread, a lot of Christian mythology comes directly from pre-existing pagan mythology. Early Christians were genius propagandists -- to gain followers they merely incorporated already existent mythology and holidays into their belief system. Neo-paganism has muddied the waters a lot, and they claim that certain rituals are "ancient" when they aren't, but we know that some of the biggies such as Christmas and Easter are pagan holidays that were appropriated by the Christians.

I think there is plenty of historical evidence to show that Jesus was a real man and a real religious teacher. I actually dig a lot of what he had to say. However, his existence isn't evidence that he is the son of a deity, that he resurrected from the dead, that he performed miracles, etc. He was a dude with some really chill things to say. I'll also note that most of the outspoken Christians that I see in American society today do not follow the teachings of Christ, who was all about helping the poor and the outcast and didn't say one damned thing about gay people.
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