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I'm a little behind on KATG episodes and I'm just getting to where they're talking about this episode. Hour and a half into part 1 and so far I'm not seeing where people are feeling sympathy for McNally.

All I'm getting is that he's one of those people who wants everyone to commiserate with him, no questions asked. I understand he's had rough times, but he HAS to have the saddest story. Nobody else's hard times matter because his were the absolute worst in history. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. His parents loved him the most (WTF was that at 01:24:07 where he's telling Kyle that Kyle's parents weren't as invested as his were?). Basically, he knows everything about everyone and none of our lives compare to his in any way so screw anyone for trying to comfort/understand him, much less have their own stories to tell.

So far I'm hearing him lash out and belittle everyone around him, as well as people who aren't there to defend themselves. (Brolo) And the bad thing about it is he claims he's the most socially aware human ever so he chooses to do this. Yet apparently he can't take the resulting backlash (? or is it just notoriety that this show has brought him? Again- behind on KATG) and runs away.

I'm sorry for Keith and Chemda that this put them in an awkward situation with their DVD editor leaving so suddenly, but McNally, man up. Your friends take your verbal abuse and intentional insensitivity WITH SMILES so why can't you take the natural reaction that your actions bring about?
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