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Originally Posted by Lord of the Cock Rings View Post
Perception is a weird thing. Our brains try to make sense of the stimuli coming in all around us and there are times when things don't compute. The religious or otherwise superstitious person immediately jumps to "that was a ghost" [or God, witchcraft, etc] when there is no real evidence other than "I saw/heard/felt something that I have no explanation for"

Oh yeah, it's interesting looking at the conspiracy crowd to see examples of this. For instance, in the old days, the folklore was that demons, evil spirits, witches etc visited us in our sleep. They sat on our chests, or stole our breath, or cast evil spells on us, etc. Today, people think they are being visited by aliens in the middle of the night. Both of these phenomenons can most likely be attributed to sleep paralysis, where your brain and your body are on different levels of sleep and you have the sensation of being awake but paralyzed. It happens to me if I get too much sleep. I usually believe that someone has broken into my house and is in my room, but I can't move to defend myself. It's creepy as fuck, but not supernatural.
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