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Ugh I would also like to 'vent' about this episode, and I kind of feel bad about it because clearly McNally is in a lot of pain and who the fuck are we to pick him apart, but then again McNally took it upon himself to say his mother was the poorest person in all North America and get mad and angry at a whole bunch of non-existant American Bullies that are crying about the economy. The only moments of sanity in these two episodes other than the advice and real talk Kyle gives is where Keith Malley yells 'I DIDN'T DO IT' when McNally uses the anti-America talk to prevent discussing what's wrong with him.

There are sooo many thoughts I had during this episode... I always on Team McNally when I went back to listened to all the old episodes him, Spooky, and Bray were always my favorite guests and I still go back and listen to those episodes (;-; I'm losing all my favs) and I'm in the same situation that McNally spoke in the episodes Enabled, where I am held back by saying all these minimum wage jobs are bullshit and it's easier just coasting by with my mom's support and how damaging being enabled is because it makes me scared to move on and leave my comfort zone. With that said Kyle was awesome in these two episodes and I would wager to say that Kyle who only had 75 cents in his pocket (omg I wanted to punch McNally when he predicted Kyle had $15 in his pocket with such a smug tone as though he was ready to go into a speech about how entitled americans are thinking $15 is nothing) is happier than McNally because my self esteem would be a lot better if I weren't being supported. Ugh yeah I need to get my stuff together.

So dumb that he wouldn't shut the fuck up and listen when Keith was genuinely telling McNally that going to a meeting would probably do some good. Even though McNally was mistaken in thinking Keith was talking about AA it's still such bullshit when someone says 'fuck that group and their higher power religious bullshit'. That's the obvious go to when someone wants to find any out they can not to go, even Jesse Joyce has been on this show (and this was back in the era when McNally deemed the podcast worthy of his attention) and said that the higher power is whatever you want it to be.
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