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I had to listen to the first few seconds just to make sure I wasn't wrong. The intro threw me off cause I was so expecting Myka but heard Danny. Five minutes in, and I gotta say it's awesome. Keith is the best interviewer ever in the history of KATG spin-offs. Man, if you didn't have everybody going with the first episode. It looked like the nay-sayers were upset that she wasn't her typical self. It was like she was in this weird nether-void between the Myka she presents to the world and the Myka deep down inside. She was telling the truth but not exactly revealing the heavy, bad-to-the-bone shit. It was something we don't ever see from her, so it came off as false despite her honesty. Now, we know the truth behind the truth. Well, I assume we know the truth behind the truth. I'm only 5 minutes in, but I'm speaking for my future self. Way to keep it real Keith. Chemda is silver medal status at the moment, but I'm sure her waiter series will be just as good.

Edit: I should give props to Myka for keeping it real as well. These are those props.

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