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Stop yer bitching!!

These two episodes alone are making me pop my forum cherry (and what made me finally get VIP).

Firstly, I wanted to cry for and then beat McNally. Severely. But I recognize when a person is in any type of denial, common sense and logic slip thru the cracks. All I will say is I'm GLAD this fucker hauled ass back home (esp after "fuck Brolo's brother") and hope he can work thru his shit properly.

Secondly, my love for Keith grew exponentially after these two shows. Keith already had me due to his bromance with Brolo, but the kindness and true concern over McNally touched me. Nothing is hotter than an asshole with an occasional heart of gold....who hates wearing sleeves.

Thirdly, as far as a rich or poor perspective, our (all Americans, some Americans, just me, who knows!) worldview is often limited. While I am not dismissing Mcnalley's drunken rants as being incorrect or inacurrate, after being in a 3rd world country I can say North America is RICH so let's all STFU and do some SHOTS. Especially you, Canada...what's that a-boot?

PS who the hell never heard of Al-Anon before?!?!? Is it more of an American thing and possibly called something else outside the US? How has McNalley never seen Intervention?! I know teenagers who know what Al-anon is, that's just sad imo
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