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i also re-read the book in anticipation of the movie and while it DID hold up in my opinion, it definitely contributed to how much i hated the movie. not only did they COMPLETELY change the story, it was mostly in REALLY stupid ways.
i understand that they added some stuff to make the movie longer so they could split it into 3 movies. side stories like Radagast the Brown, Gandalfs conversations with Saruman and the elves, other things that didnt appear in the actual book but DID happen in the history of Middle Earth are ok scenes to add to the movie. but other things, like the incorporation of Azog the orc are ridiculous and totally made up.
small things really bothered me though, like the scene with the trolls. why did the ponies get captured by the trolls? in the book, they spotted the trolls because of their fire in the woods, but in the movie the trolls captured two ponies...i just dont get why they would change something so simple. the description of the inside of the mountain where the goblins are was TOTALLY changed. its supposed to be dark tunnels, not huge networks of wooden bridges and pulley systems.
but even with all the bullshit they added, theres NO excuse for this movie to be almost 3 hours long. i was rolling my eyes in boredom almost the entire time. the only part i actually really enjoyed was the beginning. the short scene with Frodo (which takes place immediately before the opening of Fellowship of the Ring) was really cool, and the first conversation between Bilbo and Gandalf was pretty awesome. other than that, everything else just made me hate Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh just a little bit more, unfortunately.
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