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First off, Ron has a great radio voice. and he can tell a great story. I can listen to him do a bunch of audiobooks or short stories if he were to make a podcast like that. That said, as much as I appreciated his point of view I couldn't agree with most of it.

Regarding that mentally ill law, if I remember correctly, I heard a show on NPR (either RadioLab or This American Life) where they mentioned how in the 50's homosexuality was considered a mental illness and they would use that reasoning to put gays in asylums.

Also I don't agree on his stance about how we should police who can or cannot have kids. There's no guaranteed a person who is raised well will always come out as a regular nonviolent person. Sociopaths are sociopaths regardless of how they are raised.

Lastly, I don't agree on his stance that Hollywood and violent video games or violent movies have anything to do with how killers are created. I grew up watching horror movies at the age of 6 and on. In the 70's and 80's they blamed D&D games and Heavy Metal, and around the Red Scare comic books were considered to cultivate juvenile delinquents. Texas Chainsaw Massacre was one of the first horror films I've seen and I'm not a violent person nor do I have any inclination to buying a gun anytime soon. Not only that, but people argue that kids who harm animals in their youth grow up to be sociopaths and Ron was talking about all the crazy things he did to animals when he was a child and he grew up to be a fine adult without any sociopathic tendencies.

I do agree with his stance on protecting his right to bare arms and he made some good points in defense of that right.
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