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Originally Posted by juliofromny View Post
First off, Ron has a great radio voice. and he can tell a great story. I can listen to him do a bunch of audiobooks or short stories if he were to make a podcast like that. That said, as much as I appreciated his point of view I couldn't agree with most of it..
Ron does have a great radio voice! And I have to say I found it refreshing to hear the opinions of someone who has had a relationship with firearms for many decades. While I will not say I agreed with everything Ron said, I do appreciate his candor & opinions. I do think the issue with gun ownership is generational/geographical on some level because I feel like most NYCers, myself included, think of a gun just as protection/safety and that's it. Not necessarily thinking of all the responsibility that goes with it. Although I carry a blade in my purse since I was mugged on the subway, that's technically illegal. Pepper spray is illegal there, its like NYC likes to prevent its residents from protecting themselves. One major point with moving to ATL, for my husband anyway, was the ease you can get a conceal weapons permit,

By comparison, here in the South, it IS pretty much expected that you have a gun in the home, so I get Ron's point with that. I have went to a local gun ranges recently to get familiar with shooting more than a .22 in preparation of getting my concealed permit license - NOT because I want a gun, but in the South there are wayyy too many home invasions (more so in apartments) & you have the right to bear arms to protect your hom eunder law here. So there is an assumption that most people are have weapons when they own a home, but not in an apartment/condo; therefore, the home invasion/robbery rates are skyrocketing. To the point I even got additional rental insurance. And I hate paying for additional shit I may never need!

Now if they let my black ass get a gun, so be it. I do believe in the right to protect yourself, your home, and your family.....but I'm with Chemda in that I do not need or want multiple guns, just one, and by no means do I need an assault riffle, just a nice mag or glock. The fact I am even considering getting a gun is terrifying to me considering I never needed (or could get, or even thought of getting) one in NYC, but in this instance I would have to say outside the city things are pretty different. The 1st time I went to the shooting range was so horrifying for me, I pray I'd never need to point a gun never mind actually shooting it. It does take a lot of time, money, and practice to be fully comfortable/responsible with a firearm, point blank.

But I would be lying if I didn't take my husband into consideration as well. I can get a permit, I can get a gun, I can even get a fingerprint safe, but the fact remains I have a gun in my home with a person I argue with at times....and access to my fingerprints. It's just not the gun owner who can be affected, as we are seeing with Newton CT, but also who else has access to the gun....and that's the point that truly scares me & makes me procrastinate even getting the license.
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