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Originally Posted by juliofromny View Post
Lastly, I don't agree on his stance that Hollywood and violent video games or violent movies have anything to do with how killers are created. I grew up watching horror movies at the age of 6 and on. In the 70's and 80's they blamed D&D games and Heavy Metal, and around the Red Scare comic books were considered to cultivate juvenile delinquents. Texas Chainsaw Massacre was one of the first horror films I've seen and I'm not a violent person nor do I have any inclination to buying a gun anytime soon. Not only that, but people argue that kids who harm animals in their youth grow up to be sociopaths and Ron was talking about all the crazy things he did to animals when he was a child and he grew up to be a fine adult without any sociopathic tendencies.
You're coming from a very personal point of view. All of those things play a part in a person's development, but the capacity to which they have an effect depends on who the person is. I've loved horror movies all of my life but never really had a way to watch them. Now that I have Netflix, I can watch whatever and as much as I want. I've probably watched ten movies a week for the past few months, but I have to stop some weekends because my mind goes into such a dark place that I've gotta chill for a little bit. I wouldn't ever hurt anyone because of a movie, and that intensity is the reason I gravitate toward those movies, but my mind still has to handle those emotions in some way. For me, it takes a few hours of self-reflection. For somebody else though, it may not be so easy. I think the way Lauren handles drugs is a great example also. From what I hear, he's able to maintain himself more so than other people. On the other hand, it's taken me a couple years to even figure out my limits on alcohol. I still can't handle too much pot, but I'm now able to tell myself to chill out, shut down, and let everything wash over, rather than freak out, take shit the wrong way, and engage people in a negative head. I'm not saying you're wrong for coming from your point of view, just that it depends and that the personal doesn't reflect the general.
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