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Apparently, I only joined VIP to be pissed off. Between this episode and WMN "Godless" I've been shitting a brick to post on the forums.

When McNally started this podcast, he made (some amount of) sense. But into part two, he lost all lucidity.

It's true! He argued with almost everything Keith said, but agreed with Kyle when he said the same thing. It's like McNally is still caught in his early twenties...

I understand why he decided to go back to Canada.

KATG isn't the same show it was "back in the day." Sometimes, I wish it still had that DIY feel. They've gotten so professional... However, I'm incredibly proud of how far Keith and Chemda have come.

It really has been a privilege to watch them grow over the years. It's like watching a good relationship evolve. Chemda and Keith aren't the same people who started the journey of "KATG" but that's only for the better.

Kyle (TJ...dogboy) once made me a card. It said, "Some things get worse with age..." and had a picture of an apple core, a bag of trash and a dirty diaper. Then it said, "Some things get better with age..." and had a picture of wine, cheese, the KATG logo and then said "Our relationship. Happy anniversary!"

He's right.

And it was an absolute pleasure to celebrate 8 years of KATG last week. I only hope I get to spend another 8 years growing with Keith and Chemda.

But my point was that McNally, in life, hasn't shown the ability to evolve. So it makes sense that he wasn't able to evolve with the show.

Another one bites the dust...

UPDATE: I just had to tape together my smart phone because I can't afford another one. NO ONE HAS HAD IT WORSE! NO ONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. (Even though my brother is a drug addict and I was the one who encouraged him because I thought he was "cooler" when he was high and now he's addicted.) (Oops.)

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