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Originally Posted by littlp View Post
I could go on, and on and on about the many needs of veterans....The military is slowly realizing that it is better for their servicemen to get the treatment they need without fear of losing their ranks or not being able to be promoted (which has happened so many times). In fact, it wasn't until this recent war that the VA finally started having a better system of identifying people who might need further treatment in addition to providing services to help people coming back from war being able to return home with a better transition. Thankfully we are getting away from the WWII and Vietnam mentality of "don't talk about it, you must suffer in silence like the rest of us otherwise you are weak and not worthy of your military ranking" or "all military people are killers and should be treated as such"
This. Its what I'm interested in doing post grad school as well.

I kind of wanted to know more about his critiques of current therapy techniques and ideas because unfortunately there's not a whole ton of research other than the use of ecstasy to help break down the "yellow" programing.
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