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Keith doesn't hate fat people! I'm really surprised at the current standing of this poll!

He uses comedy to provide a blunt point of view that overweight people really need -- instead of coddling them and making them believe they should accept their weight as beautiful, he helps them realize this is a HEALTH issue that they have complete control of. Letting yourself remain fat is like having scabies and never showering or putting on the ointment, and then wondering why you're still covered in sores and why people don't wanna fuck you. Obesity is a disgusting mistreatment of the body. As a former "fatty" myself, I gotta say, this kinda talk is exactly what I would have needed. When you eat too much, you're KILLING yourself, in the same manner as smokers or drinkers do. I've seen fat people made crippled by their weight, needing canes because their knees would give out otherwise. It's horrific. I don't think Keith is speaking here about people with a little extra body weight (There are, after all, 2xl shirts in his store), but about people who are literally KILLING themselves with overconsumption. If we keep telling our loved ones they're beautiful and OK the way they are when they're dangerously overweight, all we're doing for them is making them happy for a moment, and then dooming them to a short life of misery. No, America, "super skinny model" is not what we should all be aiming for -- but a healthy body weight? Absolutely. Smokers don't get extra room on the plane, or built-in ash trays, so why should fat people get to have a free extra seat or seatbelt extensions? More people die of weight-related issues in America than smoking every year! Talking shit about fat people isn't discrimination -- it's a totally justified disgust towards someone who would mistreat their body so. Like the disgust you feel towards that heroin addict on the street, or the woman smoking through a hole in her throat.

In short: get the fuck over yourselves, fat people! If you have some weird genetic condition, that doesn't give you the right to be fat, that just means you're gonna have to watch what you eat more carefully, or you're GONNA DIE. You have no right to self pity - fat isn't a disease - it's your own damn fault.
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