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There is only one Baldwin: Alec Baldwin.

Also, Myka Fox!

How come it sounds like most New Yorkers hate The Post? The New York Times is supposed to be the best of the best, of the best, but I saw one once. They're ginormous. Do people actually read that thing? Seems pretentious.

Also, Myka Fox!

So, do Lauren and Chemda ever watch movies? Any time movies are discussed it seems like Chemda has nothing but contempt for film. She doesn't watch 'em. She doesn't know about 'em. Her not giving a fuck about Roger Ebert is the final straw. I'm convinced she hates movies. Not in that obnoxious 'I don't own/ watch TV way' but simply in a blissful state of ignorance where she's too busy doing important things in her day to day.

I don't know how she goes through life without movies. Seems oddly stoic.

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