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[QUOTE=Enunciated Piffle;743904

I don't know how she goes through life without movies. Seems oddly stoic.[/QUOTE]

I watched three movies yesterday. (Granted I was stuck in the house because something scratched my eye and I had to wear an eye patch)

The thing is that I don't remember actors' names. I watch the movie for the role their playing. I wish they would use a bigger variety of actors because I don't care about names. I care about the scene. When actors are so well knowns, it starts ruining the role they play. All that's seen is the actor. Not the part they play.
Since, for the most part, I don't know what the actor's life about, I think I get to watch the movie better.

And yes, I'd rather do other things with people than watch movies because you can't have conversations in movies.

Movies I saw this weekend:
Bachelorette: loved it! So much better than Bridemades.

Dirty Girl: second time I saw it. LOVE it! Have never seen most of those actors. They were awesome!

Bully: so sad. The adults in that town seem like they've died 20 years back and are just roaming the earth as zombies.
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