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I'm fat and I'm working on losing weight. By 4th of July, you bet your ass I'm gonna be wearing a comfortably-fitting KATG t-shirt.

I had Chipotle the other day and because of Weight Watchers and the iPhone app I was way more aware of the better choices to make. Vegetables good, cheese & guacamole & sour cream, obviously bad. Eat a normal portion, get extra veggies, it's actually a well rounded meal on the go!

I'm like Chemda - I love food. I just have to make better choices and think ahead before going somewhere of what the healthy option is there. Something that Chemda said, about eating out is an "experience" reminded me of something the leader at Weight Watchers said. We go out to eat a lot more now as a society than we used to, but you have to remember that not every meal out is a special occasion. Sometimes it's just a lunch, or a regular Tuesday night dinner. Not your last meal! Treat yourself on a special night out, but treating yourself all the time is overindulgent.
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