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Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
Originally Posted by Scumhook View Post
Been using this KATG downtime to burn thru some 2nd tier podcasts but haven't been able to face Maron's navel gazing just yet...
It's a wonderful time to spend $15 and get a KatG VIP, (not sure how much this is in baht or whatever the fuck you island criminals call currency down under) but I highly recommend it. Get yourself all caught up on older KatG-goodness.

Also, I concur. However, Marc Maron is the greatest asshole of all time. If he were to relapse and go on MNiK: I'd have a stroke out of sheer delight.

Also-also. I feel like you haven't been listening to one of KatG's greatest guests: Pat Dixon. Do yourself a favor and listen to his 'New York City Crime Report.' It's hideous, snarky, vile, and beyond description. It is the only podcast of it's kind and it is an absolute must.

A couple of things:
1) How fucking hard is it to fucking make sure the end brackets are ok when you're editing a fucking quote??? It's a fucking miracle if anyone gets it right!! This is a fucking epidemic and needs to be stopped.

2) I might join VIP to support KATG, but I have trouble getting through the podcast quantites now, let alone adding more hours to listen to. But if I join, then I'll be forced to listen to the spin offs, which will further arsefuck me re my other podcasts...

3) Thank you for recommending yet another fucking podcast, which based on your description, I now must subscribe to. You can now blame yourself for me not being a VIP. I hope Keith punches you in the nuts next time you got to a KATG gathering.

Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
See how fucking easy it is to do???
EDIT: It took me 5 goes to get the fucking quote brackets right

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