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I just need to say, a few months back (maybe a year ago) Keith was yelling at someone that sent an email for complaining that there should be bigger shirt sizes. As he was complaining on mic, I realized that my 2X KATG shirt didn't fit anymore and was annoyed that they didn't have bigger sizes. His tirade sparked something in me. I realized that it was time to take care of myself. Over last summer I lost 50lbs (though I've gained about 15lbs since the holidays) and my 2X shirt went from fitting way too tight around the gut to fitting way too loose. I'm about 40lbs away from meeting my goal of being at a healthy weight and wearing a large (or maybe medium?). With Keith's encouraging words and Chemda talking about running, it's reminded me to get back on track and stay motivated. Thanks KATG.

P.S. If the poll asked if he Hated fat people I would've voted No. But, does he dislike them (us)? Meh.
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