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Dude. Who the fuck is Tony Woods and why has he not been on any comedy podcasts? Is he on Burt Kreischer's? Loved Gass doing Tony's monkey in a suit/ brother joke.

I think this comedian may have lost some listeners for INSISTING that he fucked Chemda. It got annoying. It's like listening to a story about how your sister got raped. I found it off-putting. It would have been hilarious if he was like "It was sunny in the morning, there was an apartment, and all this vague shit and then ended the show with 'haha just kidding.' Then it would have been funny.

Craig Gass ending the show by making the host look like a liar kind of ruined this episode for me. Otherwise, awesome show. He's a fucking weirdo who insists he slept w/ you. Have him back on. I'd like to hear about the time he met Chemda and Keith at Toys R Us and they had a was a building...and there were light bulbs....etc.

Craig Gass trying to convince Chemda that she fucked him came off like a fake mind reader who is guessing at clues to determine the story.

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