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It was a bit weird to hear Kemda instead of the usual pronunciation.

I'm a goy, and have been practicing my "ch" sounds. I have found it helps to have a cold, or at the very least some sort of phlegm build up so you can really rip into the cccchhhhhh sound. If I practice too much, I end up sounding like the Alien Queen when she sees Ripley, then I have to stop and ask myself what the fuck is wrong with me.

Speaking of shit that's wrong with people, I think the people who found the "I hooked up with Chemmo" bit off-putting may have mommy/sister issues. "GET AWAY FROM HER - SHE'S MIIIIIINNEEEEEE"...

Keith's shit-stirring was great, and Chemda played along nicely. "Oh, you'd remember if you slept with me - I'm very good" (and I bet she wasn't kidding).
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