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This guest was: agreeable, funny, Brother Love's dad, quick on his feet, trippy, certified in cosmetic dentistry, and quite possibly absolutely insane. Loved every minute and look forward to his inevitable win as 'Best New Guest' Katguh Award.

Is there a 'Live Read' Katguh? There has been some good ones where the guest just dives in. The Vista Print read w/ Jeffrey was hysterical. Chemda's like 'These cards are so cheap you can have fake ones made!'

Also, loved going to Jeffrey Gurian's website. You just look at a picture of this guy and think 'I get it.' What a likeable goof-ball. I'm amazed he lives in NYC. He comes off as very, very Los Angeles, CA guy. I didn't realize he knew Patrice O'Neal. Really need that book...

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