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I'm about half way through, and I need to say that I am floating...

I came into this ep with no expectations. When it started there was the initial discussion about scarves, and WOW SURPRISE he's a Jewish comic.

But then the magic started...

Jeffrey's dulcet tones washed over me and relaxed me. The jokes slipped in like unexpected lovers, providing joy and belly laughs.

I had no expectations, but I certainly wasn't expecting a comic who was a spiritual healer and (by the sounds of it) a darn snappy dresser to boot.

An OCD bastard who has to put on 5 scarves before he leaves the house!! lol. Pity that the poor bastard isn't just a jeans & t-shirt guy.

Actually, it's not a pity. I'm glad Jeff dresses as he does. It would be a disappointment of great proportions if Jeffrey was anything less than the sparkling creature that he is.

Looking forward to the next half...
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