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That's what I'm saying. There's no need to feel conflicted, because, as far as being therapeutic, the shit works. It's the same reason you might hug someone who's crying or you'd high-five a teammate after hitting a shot. Gurian just has a far-out way of emphasizing a basic human capacity. It's not a question of if alternative practices can be used in addition to medical treatment. They totally can, and they totally help. They're not even "alternative" until you give them crazy names like chakra. Again, I'll use the example of a massage. Chemda probably gives Lauren all kinds of massage lovin', but only until meeting Gurian did she get any real notion of chakra and all that. I just remembered Chemda mentioning how Lauren instinctively knew that sweet spot on her chest and how it relaxes her. No matter how you call it, that's normal shit.

Also, Thumbnail, you mentioned wanting to nominate him for a KATGuh. There's a place for that, and it ain't here
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