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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
man, you have great taste. possession is a gem. saw it long ago and i might actually give this bluray a chance.
Haha thanks man! I usually hate paying full price for a new release of anything, but in this case I think it will be worth it to see the director's cut and listen to the commentary tracks to find out what in the hell they were thinking when they made that movie.

@Earl Since I've been listening to podcasts and stuff I've found a lot of really awesome older horror movies that I really love. Some of my other new favorites are:

Onibaba- This one is really amazing, easily top 10.
Suspiria- amazing soundtrack and visual style, another top 10.
Jigoku- one of the best depictions of hell ever put on film.
City of the Living Dead
The Beyond
Nightmare City- really fun and ridiculous
Halloween 4- IMO one of the best slashers ever made, and the best Halloween film
The Descent
Dog Soldiers
The Brood
Holy Mountain (Exploitation)
The Devil's Backbone

A lot of people seem to complain that there aren't good new horror movies but I think there have been quite a few in recent years (and you can probably find most of them all pretty cheap on amazon or wherever):

Troll Hunter
Stake Land
The Divide
Attack the Block
The Last Circus
Valhalla Rising- (borderline horror)
Hobo with a Shotgun
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
Evil Dead-remake
The Sightseers
Trick'r Treat
Cabin in the Woods
Prometheus (I still think this is a really fun monster/alien movie, despite a few really annoying plot holes)
Let the Right One In

and plus I'm sure there are several others I'm forgetting...
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