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I can't fucking believe that Chemmo & Lauren get shit daily for being out in public.

Don't these cunts (the ones giving shit, not C&L) have anything fucking better to do?

Fucking amazing.

I can understand occasionally, because there are dickheads everywhere, but fucking daily (I realise this may not be literally daily, but I assume regularly)??? Wow.

I did stare at a lesbian (I assume) couple a few weeks ago. I was waiting in the checkout line, and they were both dressed in camo pants, combat boots & flannel shirts, completing the ensemble with short cropped grey hair. I didn't spit on them, but I did stare for a bit, thinking to myself "way to rock a stereotype, ladies". They may have interpreted my gaze as harassment (if they even noticed). I hope not.

I am ashamed to say I forgot it was pride month. When Jim said he was gay, I was surprised. It was that radio voice that made me assume he was a good clean law abiding straight white man.

Fucking good guest. This ep (so far) has been wide ranging and down to earth. I don't know if you can be "wide ranging" and "down to earth" at the same time, but IMO Jim and his orifices full of dicks is pulling it off. This wasn't one of those eps where I was pissing myself laughing every 10 secs, but it was one that I'll probably re-listen to.
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