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Originally Posted by WSEIII View Post
I try to ignore the homosexual emphasis of this month. Chemda is involved with Lauren who's biologically female and I'm not discouraging that. Anderson Cooper finally came out as gay and I still respect him as a journalist. I think Jim Parsons is really funny in The Big Bang Theory. Sara Gilbert does a good job on The Talk and she is also one of the show's creators. Homosexuality is a sin, but so are other things like lying, stealing, sex with a person outside of marriage, etc.
So it's "hate the sin, not the sinner" for you?

How do you reconcile your (presumed) belief that God made everyone and God doesn't make mistakes, with Jim saying today that he'd always been gay, with no feelings of guilt etc?

Brought up by Christian parents in the God-fearing half of Murrrka, he still ends up gay.
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