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Originally Posted by Sashi View Post
Maybe it's 'cause I'm more exposed to it, but I find Asians the most racist of all races (racism!). The Chinese hate the Japanese, the Japanese hate Koreans, and the Koreans hate the Chinese. And everyone hates the Vietnamese. It's probably a lot more dangerous telling middle aged Chinese people you're Japanese than it is telling people in 'Murka you're atheist, gay, and black (maybe they're blind and can't tell).
I understand what you're saying, but isn't this possible... certainly not ALL Asians are like that, but you're just exposed more to the ones that are because they're the loudest about it. It's very rare to hear people yelling about how much they LOVE another group. Because when people like people, they're likelier to be chill about it. So I say focus on the positive! Imagine all the Asians who are quiet. Also, you don't even have to imagine... there are billions of Asians, and I haven't heard a peep from MOST of them.

But also, thanks for listening! And having joking fun here on this board with me.
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