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Originally Posted by Sashi View Post
Certainly not all Asians are super racist (maybe post Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman level racist), but I definitely feel it's more prevalent. I lived in China until I was 7 and go back to visit relatives every few years. I've literally had Chinese people yell at me and come close to attacking me for being siding with "Jap devils" for playing a Japanese video game on the bus in China. I've heard Japanese store clerks whispering to their co-workers about charging me more 'cause I looked Korean in Japan. Never been to Korea and Vietnam, but you know how those dirty Viets are. :v (But their pho is so good and possibly carcinogenic and/or made with crack.)

On a more serious note, it's the old people who really endorse it. Chinese are still angry about WW2. Japanese are angry at Koreans taking job opportunities. Koreans are crazy. I wonder why the rest of the world stopped hating Germany.
that is crazy! all right, you heard it from an asian, asians are racist! but mostly only to each other? which i might just call "mean."

and not everyone stopped hating germany. talk to some old jews. my grandmother will never buy a german car, for example.
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