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Originally Posted by Leentron3030 View Post
Could not stop laughing - aces ten.
Thanks! Ocean's eleven!

Originally Posted by JSZilla View Post
Holy shit this may be the greatest show I have heard. Two of my top two favorites. Together. As one. As a magic Voltron fused KaplaDomian monster. This is awesome. I really don't think I'd ever see it. Not on KATG. (BTW, Myq had James on his show before. And it was sexy.)
Much appreciated! It's true, and you're nice, and I had a great time. James is super.

Originally Posted by lattaland View Post
"What do you call The Ultimate Comics Spider-Man on a bike?"

Okay, perhaps I went a tad too far.
Or maybe not far enough? (I haven't been keeping up with all the Ultimate stuff... what have I missed?)

Fun! Thanks everyone!
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