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Necrobump. I picked this show at random, and found that I'd pulled Marc Maron out of my arse.

I'll bet I'm not the 1st guy to say that last bit...

Impressive ep. The prior 3 pages contain praise and discussion which say all I could say about this ep.

Any noobs w/ VIP looking for good bits to listen to, download this one. Faggots.

Oh, and The Diceman is my favourite comic also. Not sure if Queef has mentioned this previously, but this was the 1st ep I've heard it in. One time I saw him in a relatively small room. The first 80% of his show was some of the best fucking stand up I've ever seen. The last 20% he catered to the boofhead crowd who cheered for his "hickory dickory dock" material.

When he was about to switch over to the mass material shit, the look on his face was one of "OK, here's what I do to pay the bills". Poor bastard. Fucking smart, frustrated, bastard.
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