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I would like to echo what the two arseholes above me have posted. Many lolz, and my favourite Myq ep yet. There was some real discussion and shit got deep(ish) at times, but the pace cracked along, with interest, humour and wit.

I have called the DMV and reported Myq as a menace to other drivers. They are currently issuing him a motorcycle only license, which should make it a bit harder for him to drive around talking to someone and not watching the fucking road.

Also, fuck those morons who think they have a right to post shit wherever they want. This may come as a shock, but I have had the occasional post deleted in the past. Yep, hard to believe. But if your post gets fucking deleted, the just fucking move on with your life. If you give half a shit, figure out what the rules are and fucking work within them. If you give a whole shit, then change the rules or move the fuck on.

BTW - Myq, check ur PM. I have send a 50 page doc about why you should give me a job and how if you get Keith to delete this post, you're urinating on the constitution and are a trrirst.

Great fucking show!!
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