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Originally Posted by Scumhook View Post
I would like to echo what the two arseholes above me have posted. Many lolz, and my favourite Myq ep yet. There was some real discussion and shit got deep(ish) at times, but the pace cracked along, with interest, humour and wit.

BTW - Myq, check ur PM. I have send a 50 page doc about why you should give me a job and how if you get Keith to delete this post, you're urinating on the constitution and are a trrirst.

Great fucking show!!
Much fucking appreciated! Thanks so much. And you got it, the job urinating on the constitution is yours!

Originally Posted by LongJohn View Post
I don't know why but the SUPER hangs are EXTRA funny to me (not super funny, but extra funny, I believe extra is better that super). Maybe it's because I'm paying for it? Anyways, I believe they are my favorite VIP shows, I didn't wanted to tell you all of this but I didn't how I could not state my opinion in this public forum, free speech and all. My hand was forced by your talking.
Thanks for having and sharing those beliefs! Happy to force your hand with my mouth.

Originally Posted by flerchin View Post
I just have to say this: This was another great episode. Superhang is always funny, but this one was truly outstanding. All 4 comics were definitely on their game. It would be kinda funny if one of them wasn't, but I didn't say which one. However, I don't have the heart to make that joke because each of you had me laughing my balls off at different points.
Theoretical would-have-been joke appreciated! Thanks for the kind words, you and everyone who has kind words in their hearts, minds, fingers, balls (laughed off or otherwise), etc!
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