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Originally Posted by Luna View Post
How to play

1)You'll start off from 1500
2)If you're a boy you add 2 to this number
3)If you're a girl you takeaway 2 from this number
4)If this number reaches 3000 the boys win. If it reaches 0 the girls win.


1) Do not cheat by adding more than 2 or taking away more than 2.
2)If someone breaks Rule #1 then could you please ignore there post and continue from the post before theres.

Round 1:
Starting point: 500. First to reach 0 or 1000 wins!

Round 2:
Starting point: 1000. First to reach 0 or 2000 wins!

Round 3:
Starting point: 1500. First to reach 0 or 3000 wins!

Round 4:
Starting point: 2500. First to reach 0 or 5000 wins!

Round 5:
Starting point: 3000. First to reach 0 or 6000 wins!


Round 1Boys
Round 2Boys
Round 3On-going
Round 4Yet to start
Round 5Yet to start

Lets start! I'm a girl so I'll take two 498
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