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Thank God, Allah, and all the Hindu Gods that Keith was present to translate/ decipher just what the fuck it was that Travis was slurring out his: stupid, drunken, repetitive, and just plain not-funny mouth. MNiK w/ BaJames made more sense than this retarded faux-French immigrant. I wasn't aware that endlessly begging for pussy was a legitimate form of spitting game. Interesting...

Myka really has a tremendously funny twitter account. The only time she re-tweets someone; it is usually one of these two guys. To their credit the majority of their tweets are devastatingly funny.


Why the fuck are these two guests colossal douchebags? Seems odd. Dumb. Most of all: just disrespectful to host(s) who are giving them platform to access 50,000 KatG fans.

HIGH: Following ALLCAPSBROS and Travis McFuck Stick the 3rd.

LOW: Waking each day...?
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